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INCOL Cables: is promoted by a group of industry professionals with an objective of catering to growing requirements for high quality customized cables. The company has developed a range of specialized products to address the specific requirement of the industries involving, modern process technologies instrumentation and communication demanding the highest standards of precision and reliability..

INCOL Cables has for the last few years been addressing the specialized cable need of some of the major core industries including Power Projects, Steel, Cement, Petrochemicals, Atomic Energy, Electronics Computer Industries, and Wind Power Projects etc. in both private and public sector. Quality is the “Mantra” for all decisions and activities at

INCOL Cables Quality does not stop at investment in expensive equipment’s, it covers every facet of manufacturing the choice of Vendors of raw materials, the process of raw materials, inspection, testing at every stage, manufacturing process, pre-dispatch testing, customer follow up after installation.

Introduction & Development:

Thermoplastic resins such as PVC or PP have largely replaced other type of materials for cable insulation. Which, due to their cost effectiveness and easy availability, when used for general purpose building wiring. In certain area of application, however these materials are not adequate; Hence further Research and development in insulating material has given birth to the ultimate material for insulation of conductors. Where SAFETY OF FIRE HAZARDS & RELIABILITY of long life are prime concern called PTFE (poly tetra flouro ethylene), Developed into the labs of DUPONT INTERNATIONAL giant in chemical technology. PTFE is widely regarded as ultimate high performance wire insulation material for environment characterised for highest safety.

Superiority Of PTFE As Cable Insulator:

1. Fire Protection: These cables in any condition will not propagate fire or serve as fuel for fire. Under writers laboratories has listed PTFE as self-extinguishing group I electrical products.

2. Upper Service Temp: Outstanding thermal and electrical properties temp. range from –60c to 250c. The electrical properties of PTFE cables are not altered by long term heating.

3. Overload Protection: These cables can withstand (due to higher temp. range) overheating due to temporary current over load. It reduces the Risk of flash over in tightly bundled wiring and subsequent damage to nearby wires.

4. Chemical & Weather Resistance: Best known chemical & weather Resistant-insulating material.

5. Resistance To Mechanical Abuse: Due to their higher mechanical Abrasion Resistance value they resist damage due to any mechanical abuse.

6. Space Saving (i.e. higher current carrying capacity): Insulation of PTFE Resins permits reduced size and wt., permitting more circuits per conduits and ease of installation in confined space. Low co-efficient of friction of PTFE provides a slippery surface for easy conduit pull.




Tensile Strength

Kg/cm2 250 140
Elongation (%) 350 250
Melting point (°c) 325 90
Service temp-Hight 250°c 70°c
-Low -60°c 10°c
Fire Resistance Excellent Good
Dielectric Constant 2.1 4.6
Sp. Gravity 2.15 1.38
Vol. Resistivity 1016 2*1118
( ohm-cm )    
Oxygen Index 95 31
Resistance Excellent Normal

Application: Other than various Industrial application the special space safe building using has application for different important Building.

1. Residential Building 2. Show Rooms
3. Schools 4. Cinema Halls/Theaters
5. Commercial Offices with False Cealing Wiring 6. Hospitals
7. Banks/Clubs/Restaurants 8. Software Offices
9. Dense Area Wiring 10. Museums/Godown/Ware House /Port
11. Chemical Factories 12. Research Labs
13. Studios 14. Libraries
15. Fire Alarm System 16. Temporary Tent House
17. Banquet Halls 18. Very Low Temp. Zone Buildings
19. Industrial Plant Lighting/Petrol Pumps 20. Airport Lighting

Range Of Products

PTFE PTFE Wires Products:

We provide excellent quality PTFE PTFE wires and use superior quality PTFE which we import from Japan, China and Russia. They are rich in mechanical strength. Our PTFE wires are made using tape wrapped process and feature excellent resistance power to heat, sunlight, acids, gasoline, oil, etc. These PTFE wires have wider applications such as – they are used in railways, defence, satellites, etc.

Features: 1. High Operating Temperature -65°C to 260°C
2. Low Dielectric Constant
3.Low Dissipation Factor (<0.0003)

PTFE Flexible Wires

The PTFE Flexible Wires are specially designed to suit various requirements. These cables are manufactured using superior grade alloys and raw material In compliance with domestic and international quality standards. These are manufactured as per the defined industry standards by our team of highly experienced professionals. We offer these cables in a diverse range and at Industry leading prices to suit the requirements of our clients. We

PTFE Insulated Hook Up Wires

We specialize in manufacturing PTFE insulated hook-up wires. We offer PTFE insulated silver, nickel, tin plated and bare copper hook up wires. Our PTFE insulated SPC/TPC/NPC wires, are widely used in electronic equipment, defence equipment, railways, aircrafts, aerospace research, radar, satellites, heat sensing leads, atomic power station, telephone- exchange, etc.

1. Used In Electrical Applications Like Transformers, Invertors And Others.
2. Have Spectacular Resistance To Oil, Oxidation, Heat, Sunlight And Flame.
3. Extremely Useful For Miniature Cable Applications, As They Possess Unique Thermal And Electrical Properties.

We manufacture & supply PTFE HR Cables for various domestic & industrial Purposes. These cables are available in various sizes. PTFE HR cables are fire and chemical resistant and perform consistently at different temperatures. All these cables are manufactured in compliance with set industrial parameters. We procure our raw materials from the reliable and trustworthy vendors. We manufacture these as per the defined industry standards. We offer these at The most competitive rates to our valuable clients.

PTFE Insulated Harness Cable

These PTFE Harness cables can withstand a wide temperature range from -65 Degree C to + 250 Degree C. They are chemically as well as environmentally stable. They match the requirements as per JSS-51100/MII-C17. PTFE co-axial cables (RF CABLES) are for use in Military, Telecommunication & other High reliability Equipments.

PTFE Insulated Single core

Our range of PTFE insulated single core wires are well suited for internal wiring, soldering applications where insulation melts back is a specific problem. They remain flexible even at low temperatures. Our single core insulated wires and cables are with shielding of S.S., SPC and fibre glass, etc. Voltage Grade of our PTFE insulated single core wires vary from- 250V, 600V, 1000 V. We are offering them in twelve colours and sizes as per customer requirements. They can make cable of .035 square mm to 50 mm square mm and 300 ampere is the limit. Our

PTFE Insulated Data cable

Our range of PTFE insulated data cables are very durable and have wider applications in various industries due to their technical superiority - used in checking temperatures, thermo sensing and also given to ISRO for satellite cables. They are economical and easy to maintain. We provide insulated data cables that have proved higher satisfaction level for their users.

1. High Surface Resistance
2. Fair Corona Resistance
3. Inert to Chemical Attack
4. Moisture proof
5. Flame Proof
PTFE Insulated Multi Core Coaxial cable

We manufacture superior quality PTFE multi core cables. These cables are effective resistant to fire, chemicals, sunlight, moisture and are also corona resistant. We offer multi cores in various colours. Our multi core cables are available as per customer's specifications.

PTFE Thermocouple Cables and Compensating cable

We manufacture superior quality PTFE thermocouple and compensating cables. They have wider applications in various industries, used in thermo centre, temperature sensing. We provide them in all sizes - K type, T type, R type, S type, and J type. We also make them available as per customer requirements. PTFE Insulated Multi Core Coaxial cable PRODUCTS:UCTS: PTFE Thermocouple Cables and Compensating cable DUCTS:UCTS

Cables With & Without Braiding :UCTS

We provide good quality PTFE insulated thermocouple cables which are available with and without breeding. They are available as per clients’ requirements. Our range of thermocouple is extensively used in different industries. Our

PTFE Insulated Coaxial Cables

Our range of PTFE insulated coaxial cables are of very fine quality. They are used in data transferring, satellites and to transfer data codes: RG 196 A/U , RG 188 A/U , RG 178 A/Q , as per MIL C17 or JSF 51100. They have excellent resistance to fire, chemical, acids, sunlight, moisture and corona. We provide them with different voltage grade such as - 250V, 600V, 1000V, etc. They are offered in different sizes.

PTFE Insulated RTD Wires Cable

We excel in manufacturing PTFE insulated RTD wire cables. They are available in all sizes - K type, T type, R type, S type and J type. We offer these wire cables in different cores - 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core and 6 Core RTD cables. We use superior quality bare copper, silver plated copper and nickel plated copper conductors. This ensures smooth flow of current. We make them available as per clients’ requirements. Our

PTFE Insulated Multi Core Cable

Our PTFE insulated multi core cables are available as multi core, multi pair. They have wider applications and are commonly used in railways, defence and satellites. We are offering them as per clients’ requirements.

PTFE Insulated High Voltage Cables - up to 50 KV/DC

Our range of PTFE insulated high voltage cables are of good quality and are available up to 50 KV/DC. These cables have excellent corona resistance and PTFE tape insulated.

1. Inert to fungus and mould growth
2. Suitable for very wide frequency range (DC to above 10000 MHz)
3. Excellent flex life and totally unaffected by outdoors exposure for unlimited period. Being
PTFE Sleeves

Being the leaders in the industry, we present PTFE Sleeve to our broad Client base. We manufacture these using the high quality raw materials which are procured form the trusted and reliable vendors. These are manufactured as per the defined industry standards. The range is appreciated among our clients as it is flexible and there is no grease required for cone to socket gripping. This product is available in different Sizes also as per the demand and requirements of our valuable clients. Additionally, it is highly appreciated for its long service life and durability. We offer these at the market leading prices. PTFE Insulated High Voltage Cables - up to 50 KV/DC PTFE Sleeves

PTFE Tapes

We are renowned manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of PTFE Tapes. These are made using finest quality raw materials and by implementing best Available technologies. We manufacture these as per the defined industry Standards. Owing to its good adhesiveness and long life, these are extensively used for the packaging of textile, food, electrical, chemicals, garments and many others. We offer these at the market leading prices to our valuable clients.