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INCOL House Wiring Cables

INCOL’s expertise in the field of low voltage electrical safety and protection devices with a deep concern for the invaluable human lives and expensive equipment ever since 1986. The success within a short span of launch is attributed to the UNIQUE DESIGEN and CONSISTANT QUALITY developed and achieved after a though, extensive and deep study of the causes of wire/cable failures. The wire and cable are manufactured with highest possible conductivity in the given size with perfect insulation against any electrical fault.

Uniform Lay Of Conductor Easy Stripping & Crimping

Perfect stripping & crimping during installation made possible with uniform layup of conductor strands by the most advanced in house conductor drawing, stranding and bunching facilities

Centric Advantage Perfact Centre/Uniform Insulation

Automatic self-centering is ensured with the intelligent microprocessor controlled equipment enabling to maintain the conductor perfectly in the centre of PVC insulation, providing exact and equal protection from all sides of conductor preventing short circuits occurrences due to uneven thickness and eccentricity of PVC insulation.

Double Insulation/Color Skin Extra Protection

Double protection assured with use of non contaminated PVC as insulation in two layers with the primary wall consisting a thick virgin natural PVC brimmed by color layer to enable perfect protection and clear colour identification.

Consistent Quality

Supporting the unique design, our wire & cable are manufactured from the purest of Copper and PVC compounds with rigorous testing at every stage of manufacturing.

Single core PVC insulated copper conductor (unsheathed) heavy duty electric wires in voltage grade upto & including 1100v

Basic Code of Conductor Nominal Cross Section Area(mm2) Number/Nom Dia of Wires* (Nom) (mm) Thickness of Insulation Approx (mm) Overall Diameter 20ºC (mm) Current Carrying capacity (Amps) Resistance (Max.) per/km (Ohms)
INCOL 1620 0.5 16/0.2 0.6 2.2 4 39
INCOL 2420 0.75 24/0.2 0.7 2.5 7 26
INCOL 1430 1.0 14/0.3 0.7 2.8 11 18.84
INCOL 2230 1.5 22/0.3 0.7 3.1 13 12.20
INCOL 5630 4.0 56/0.3 0.8 4.4 24 4.95
INCOL 8430 6.0 84/0.3 0.8 5.2 31 3.30
INCOL 3630 2.5 36/0.3 0.8 3.8 18 7.41