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INCOL Power Cord System

INCOL cord, a new innovation in flexible electric cordage. Flexible electric cords are extensively used as power lead in entertainment electronic equipment. Home appliances, motorized industrial hand tool, submersible pumps etc. At present, these are either made with plastic or rubber. These cordages have some inherent demerits due to visco-elastic nature of these materials.

We have developed a new generation of flexible electric cords brand name INCOL cord using an alloy of rubber and plastic which permits development of most favorable combination of mechanical properties and flexibility from the point of view of service need. Basic advantage of INCOL cord over conventional cordage are:

• Superior electrical properties.
• Higher current rating
• Wide range of operating temperature.
• Superior ageing property and service life.
• Controllable flexibility and hardness to exactly suit the application parameters
• Can be produced in any colour-deep or pastel shade.

INCOL cord is really a class above the standard cordage available in the market. Cordage can be supplied with molded terminals or in extensible form when required.

Construction, Size Range And Voltage Grade


INCOL cord is composed of best annealed tinned Bare extra flexible copper conductor, insulated with polymeric alloy, cores in distinguishing colours laid up with suitable filling material in circular or flat formation and finally sheathed with polymeric alloy or Elastomer. Screening of tinned copper wire braid may be provided when required.

Size Range: INCOL cords are available in size range : 0.5 mm2 to 16. mm2 with copper.

Voltage Grade: Up to 1000 V phase to phase system.

Testing: As per IS: 694(1984)


INCOL cords are specially recommended for use as power lead in:

• Entertainment Electronic Goods.
• Home Appliances.
• Electronic And Medical Instruments
• Motorized Industrial Hand Tool And Appliances.
• Submersible Pumps.
• Portable Communication Equipment Or Instruments.
Conductor Area
(Sq. mm)
Maximum continuous current (AMPS) at an ambient air Temperature 40oC
Single phase AC or DC (one two core cable or two single core cables bunched) Three phase AC (One three core or four core cable for three single core cables bunched
0.5 11 10
0.75 15 13
1.0 18 16
1.5 24 21
2.5 32 28
4 43 38
6 57 50
10 79 69
16 106 93

With INCOL cord, it is no longer necessary to use standard cordage with above appliances, special cordage can be designed to exactly suit the service parameter, life expectance, environmental hazards and aesthetics. So please specify INCOL cord for high performance, reliability, and safety.

Technical Service:

Our technical service department will assist you in design, selection and use of right type of cordage for any specific application.